PICDO’s Global Crypto Crime OSINT Aggregation Project

Help Us Untangle Scam Network Operations.

PICDO is launching an ambitious Open Source Intelligence Data aggregation project. We are collecting OSINT on various scam operations, and aggregating the data, to find commonalities between scams. In doing so, we can provide law enforcement agencies around the world, with evidence that allows multiple small cases to be consolidated into a larger class investigation.

The image to the right shows how we were able to link multiple scam websites to a single Chinese-operated scam syndicate. This is a very simple example. These graphs are growing daily with many thousands of unique identifiers and explanations for the related links.

The OSINT project also includes the companies used by the scammers for money laundering, IT service provision, and infrastructure.

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Please limit data in each form submission so that it only includes evidence related to the primary domain that you enter in the first field. Feel free to submit multiple scams, but only with new submissions for each.

Although we can’t stop all the scammers, we can disrupt their operations, and slow them down.

Disruption = fewer victims.
Fewer victims = less pain and anguish.