You Can Help Disrupt Cybercrime

There are several ways you can personally make a difference. Collectively, our “Citizen Disruptors” can cause “death by a thousand paper-cuts” to the Human Trafficking syndicates who force slaves to run their financial, romance and crypto scams. It is a multi-bilion dollar a year industry.

If we reduce their profits, and make it hard for them to run the scams, then we SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the demand for new kidnappings.

Disruption Through Education:

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Report Scammer WhatsApp Numbers for Prompt Account Suspension:

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How You Can Actively Disrupt the Scammer by Reporting Abuse to Platforms

We have several mailing lists for specific disruption activities:

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram Abuse Report

Each day or week, you will receive a list of scammer WhatsApp account links. All you need to do is click each link in the update email, which opens the Scammer profile pages, and then you report it as Fraud by clicking 2 or 3 buttons. If we have hundreds of people doing this, the account will be suspended quickly, saving millions of dollars in losses each week. Members of these mailing lists will receive monthly success statistics.

Telegram Messenger Abuse Report

Same as for WhatsApp, but for the Telegram App

More mailing lists to come.