Public International Cybercrime Disruption Organization a 501(c)(3) Charitable foundation.

Disrupt cybercrime through education and advocacy.


PICDO will save tens of thousands of people from slavery every year by disrupting cyber crime syndicate infrastructure, at source and at scale.

We want to be the world’s most agile and effective cybercrime disruption facilitator by breaking down geographic, bureaucratic and organizational barriers. Our goal is to create a community of government, corporate and individual cybercrime first responders who frustrate the efforts of cybercrime syndicates’ financial and communication infrastructure, in real-time, by suspending their websites, social networking profiles, email, WhatsApp and messenger app, financial and cryptocurrency laundering accounts.

Become a Citizen Disruptor

Help us to disrupt pPig Butchering cyber crime and human trafficking at scale. Join us today by contacting us and choosing “Citizen Disruptor” from the dropdown list.

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Big Tech Provides Material Support To Human Traffickers

WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, AirBNB, Dating Apps and other high profile social media platforms are usually wilfully blind to the fact that they are providing material support to international terrorism and human trafficking. PICDO aims to remedy this phenomenon.

Don’t ignore scammers. Play along and disrupt their activities!

When you receive an email, phone call, eBay, or WhatsApp inquiry from a scammer, you might be tempted to ignore them or respond with insults. However, you can help reduce heartache, and massive financial losses for your fellow citizens by helping PICDO to disrupt these criminal networks.

Report a cybercrime

Common types of cybercrime include hacking, romance and financial scams, fraud, identity theft, attacks on computer systems, and illegal or prohibited online content.

We can assist in identifying the perpetrator and referring the case to law enforcement for prosecution.

Protect yourself from cybercrime

To avoid becoming a victim of cybercrime, we all need to educate ourselves and take responsibility for our own online security and safety.

This means using safe online practices and being aware of how cyber criminals and hackers try to obtain your personal information.