Cryptocurrency Scam Recovery Help

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Why Police Rarely Succeed In Crypto Crime

Less than one in ten thousand cyber crimes are prosecuted in Western nations, the statistics are much worse in developing nations. This is due to law enforcement challenges such as:

  1. Lack of technical investigative skills
  2. Overwhelmed with cases
  3. Cases with loss value under USD500,000 are ignored
  4. Prejudice by officers “It serves yourself right, it is obviously a scam”…

Investigative delays allow scammers to launder their stolen crypto, until it is untraceable.

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Law Enforcement’s primary goal is to file indictments and obtain criminal convictions for the perpetrators. Good conviction statistics make public prosecutors attractive candidates for recruiters in big law practices. Whereas, you, as a crypto scam victim, just want to recover your loss, right? Of course, criminal sentences for your scammers would be nice too, but that doesn’t pay the bills. 

Police often look for easy convictions, such as a low-level and easy to catch member of a much larger organized crypto crime syndicate. When this happens, the boss, who is holding the encryption keys for your stolen crypto, almost always gets away, and your crypto is gone forever.

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PICDO can help you for free. All you need to do is:

  1. Complete our contact form and;
  2. Submit the details of the scam, including:
    1. Your wallet addresses
    2. The scammer’s wallet addresses
    3. TxID and Hash records etc

Our team will respond with suggestions on the likelihood of recovery, and what you should do to pursue justice.

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If your losses are high enough to justify engaging professional Cryptocurrency recovery investigators, then find a team that does much more than simple blockchain analysis. You need active engagement investigators, who can quickly gather the evidence needed :

  1. Justify a court ordered seizure of stolen crypto assets.
  2. Physically locate the scammers, so they can be arrested, charged and prosecuted.

DISCLOSURE: Some of our volunteers have day jobs in professional teams. Let us know if you would like an introduction.

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