Law Enforcement Training & Software Donations

PICDO, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) registered charity, incorporated in the United States but operating globally.

Support for underfunded law enforcement agencies.

PICDO is now accepting donations from industry leaders in public private crime fighting, particularly focusing on organised crime and cybercrime that prey on vulnerable persons, such as senior citizens and lonely romance scam victims. These donations come in the form of both cash, and donations in-kind from software, hardware and training vendors. 100% of the proceeds of these donations are directed to the field, the beneficiaries being law enforcement agents with agencies domiciled within developing nations that traditionally lack budgets for adequate training and equipping of their crime fighters.

Full Transparency

PICDO financial controllers will publish annual transparency reports detailing all recipient agencies, and the nature of the support they received, including dates, value and donation descriptions.

Cash Donations from Grateful Crime Victims